Alumni Logo

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is authorized by the Board of Trustees of Episcopal School of Jacksonville to undertake alumni programming for the School. The purposes of the Alumni Board are to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between the alumni of the School and the School, and to create a bridge between the School and its alumni. The Alumni Association Board of Directors serves as an advisory body to the School’s alumni director on matters of organization and policies governing the conduct of alumni programs for the School.

Alumni Board Officers

Anne-Marie Forbes Hulsey ’95 - President

Charles Chunn ’98 - President-Elect

Rushton Haskell Callaghan ’82 - Vice President of Membership

Baker Berg ’04 & Kerri Cannon Napoleon ’94 - Vice Presidents of The Episcopal Fund

Cris Scott Tennant ’82 – Secretary

Frances Poitevent Hutto ’88 - Chaplain


Alumni Board Members at Large

Heather Halliburton Douglas ’94

Meredith Wachtel Hines ’90

Katherine O’Quinn Huddleston ’03

Tiffany Kidd Post ’96

Mark LaBorde ’84

Heather Rainey Moseley ’88

Heather Kenyon Oakley ’83

Kelly Pietan ’88

John Ream ’96

David Smith ’01

Sis Van Cleve-Miller ’82

Deena Bateh Wallace ’00

Erin Wolfson ’01

Randy Wyse ’82