The Episcopal experience is framed by the understanding that spiritual growth is an essential part of human growth. We strive to be a community which grows in its awareness of God’s unconditional and fathomless love for all of creation as we aspire to share that same love with one another.

The Episcopal Tradition

In keeping with the tradition of the Episcopal Church, we require our students to think critically, explore their individual faiths, learn by questioning, and accept that knowledge of the world and spiritual development are eternally intertwined.

Our commitment to the Episcopal tradition also shapes us as a community of welcome and inclusion as inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We welcome students of all faiths and traditions. All are encouraged to seek clarity about their beliefs and to live more fully and faithfully within them. All members of our community are expected to uphold and respect the dignity of every human being.

Our weekly Chapel services anchor the school week in worship and reflection, and empower students to live more authentically in their deepening relationship with God. Middle School and Upper School chapel services are guided by the Book of Common Prayer, which is the worship resource for the Episcopal Church. Chapel attendance is required and all are encouraged to participate as fully as their religious traditions allow.

Opportunities for spiritual growth extend in to the classroom through our comprehensive theology curriculum which includes the study of scripture, theological exploration, faiths of the world, and ethical living.