Ceramics and Sculpture

Ceramic Fish

These classes provide students the opportunity to prepare a portfolio for college application and evaluation for college credit on the national level.

Choral and Orff Studies

Choral arts training at Episcopal School of Jacksonville involves young men and women who seek to strengthen their musical gifts through singing. The program embraces a variety of musical styles, both sacred and secular.


Students will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge choreographers and teachers from around the globe as well as with our excellent resident faculty

Draw, Paint, Print

The visual-arts program at Episcopal emphasizes creative problem-solving through the production of artwork utilizing various media. Our studio facilities are equipped to provide instruction in many disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and ceramics. Art history is also offered as a field of study.

Instrumental Music

Students can participate in instrumental or jazz ensemble, music-production, explore music theory or history, or join different music clubs.

Photography (Upper School)

Sensational digital and wet labs, along with state of the art lighting studios, allow students to fully embrace all photographic methods.

Technical Theatre

Technical Arts

Technical-production classes focusing on set construction, stage management, lighting and sound are offered as well.


One-act and full-length musicals, comedies, dramas, farces, and historical plays are all a part of the School’s rich extracurricular performance experience.