Our fine-arts faculty and staff, all artists in their own right, joyfully share their respected wisdom, and create together with bright minds, nimble bodies and imaginative souls.

Sally Deming, Director of Fine Arts

Katie Black, Fine Arts Performing Arts Chair, Upper School Theatre Director

Julia Daze, Fine Arts and Chaplain Administrative Assistant

Megan Elsila, Technical Director

Debbie Higgins, Assistant to the Director of Fine Arts

Rebecca Hoadley, Visual Arts Instructor

Bob Kirk, Fine Arts Visual Arts Chair, Ceramics Instructor

Michelle Krueger, Visual Arts Instructor

Katie McCaughan, Director of Dance

Ian McCook, Technical Assistant

Joe Montelione, Director of Instrumental Music

Kelby Siddons '06, Performing Arts Instructor

Mary Helen Solomon, Director of Choral Studies

Jen Walker, Dance Instructor

Ricky Watson '05, Middle School Theatre Director

Mark Zimmerman, Visual Arts Instructor, Sponsor of the National Art Honor Society