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Live Streaming Games

Episcopal athletics’ contests can be viewed live online through the NFHS Network. You can also find previously recorded games on the Episcopal NFHS page as well as a schedule of upcoming game broadcasts. The athletic department in conjunction with our coaching staff has come up with a schedule of sporting events for this year. Please know that we do our best to include as many of our teams as possible but are not able to broadcast every contest. 

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Game schedules

All schedules available on the  Episcopal athletic calendar.


Student Athlete Guidelines

  • Athletes are responsible for all class work and homework each day.
  • Athletes must advise their teachers before missing class time that they will be away for a competition.
  • Athletes must report to class every day leaving only when their coach has an approved early release.
  • Athletes must leave their class quietly, at the designated time, go directly to the locker room to change and immediately prepare to leave campus for their game.
  • Do not count on a game to exempt you from your classroom responsibility. If the game is cancelled you must be prepared for class which could include taking a test and handing in all homework assignments.
  • Athletes and their parents should be familiar with Episcopal policy as it is noted under the headings of 'Attendance and School Sponsored Events' and 'Trips' in the Parent-Student Handbook. (link to Parent Student Handbook)

Forms and Information

Click here for information on the FHSAA required forms

Important information for athletes and parents

Episcopal School of Jacksonville Athlete's Prayer

ESJ Athlete's Prayer