The Episcopal Campus Store is located in the Buck Student Center, and offers an array of items, from gifts to uniforms, and books and spirit wear. Stop by today for all your ESJ needs!

Campus Store Hours

  • School Year Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (Closed for lunch)
  • The Store is closed on student holidays and closes early on early dismissal days.

Textbook & e-book Ordering 

Printed textbook orders and e-book orders are placed separately, as printed textbooks are purchased through the Campus Store and e-books are purchased through the School’s e-book partner, MBS Direct. 

Click here to view the 2014-2015 Episcopal Book List .

We strive to make the book buying process as easy as possible for you and guarantee the most up-to-date textbook information and ensure that you are buying the correct edition the teacher has requested.  We also try to provide as many used hardback copies as possible to help you save money.  Used books go quickly so we encourage you to shop early.
Below are more details on the textbook and e-book ordering process. If you have any questions please contact Dawn Larkin in the Campus Store at 904.396.5751, ext. 1820.

Book List for courses

The official 2014–2015 Episcopal Book List includes all books required by teachers for each course.  Not all books are available in an e-book format at this time.  The books that are available in an e-book format are highlighted in yellow and should be purchased from MBS Direct.  Books available in an iBook option are highlighted in orange.  For iBooks, students will receive instructions in class from their English teacher on the specifics of which iBook to purchase once school starts. 

Students are not required to purchase the e-book version.  Students have the option of purchasing textbooks that are available in e-book format in either digital and/or a hardcopy version.  And all textbooks, including ones available as e-books, are still available in a hardcopy version to purchase from the Campus Store.

How to place your hardcopy textbook order online

Online ordering for printed textbooks from the Campus Store as now ended for the 2014-2015 school year. E-books are still available for purchase through MBS Direct

Printed textbooks are purchased through the Campus Store and charged to your student’s account.  All printed textbook orders must be placed online during the summer.  You can do this from home or come into the store and we will guide you through the online process. 

To determine which textbooks your student needs you will need to look up their schedule on their My BackPack account. The textbooks will be listed by course on the online ordering site.

Once the Campus Store receives your order we will pull the books and email you letting you know they are ready to be picked up at the store.  For your convenience, the store bills your student account for fast checkout.  Most orders are ready the next day and we ask that you please arrange to pick up your order as promptly as possible. 

Also, please have your student’s ID number ready to process the book order online.  Families with more than one student need to place an individual order for each student so that the books are associated with the correct student.  This allows for the book to be sold back to the store at the end of the school year.

When selecting used hardcopy textbooks

If you select a used copy and we have exhausted our supply a new edition will be selected for you.  If at the time you pick up your books you do not want the new or used edition we will credit your account for the textbook.

If multiple copies of a book are requested only one used copy may be selected and one new copy.  This allows everyone to have a chance to receive a used copy of a textbook.

Textbook prices are subject to change without notice based on market value.  Courses for which information has not yet been received from the instructors are not listed.

Returns & Buyback for hardcopy textbooks

You can return hardcopy books purchased over the summer for full price through the first full week of school.  August 22, 2014 is the last day to return hardcopy books.  All books must be returned in the condition they were purchased.  New books must be unused, have no writing in or on the books, and/or any wrapped books cannot be opened. 

After August 22, books may only be returned through September 5, 2014 if a student drops a course and has a drop slip from the Registrar.

Also, at the end of the school year we buy back hardcopy books that were purchased from the Campus Store.  Books are bought back if they are in good, resalable condition and they were purchased from the Campus Store. You will receive a 50% credit for books purchased as new and a 33% credit for books purchased as used.  A credit will be applied to the student’s account for the amount the books were bought back for.

How to place your e-book order online through MBS Direct

You can begin ordering e-books online at starting July 28.  E-books are purchased through MBS Direct, an outside vendor and the school’s partner in e-books. E-books are paid for with a credit card and are not associated with Episcopal student accounts. 

To order e-books, visit  Click the large picture that says, “Order Your Books” and follow the prompts.  To determine which e-books your student has the option of purchasing you will need to look up their schedule on their My BackPack account. The e-books offered will be listed by course on the MBS Direct ordering site.  And a hardcopy of the textbook is also available to buy through the Campus Store.  When looking at the Episcopal 2014-2015 Book List , the books highlighted in yellow are available as an e-book to buy from MBS.

As stated earlier, not all books are available in an e-book format at this time.  And students have the option of purchasing textbooks that are available in an e-book format in either digital and/or a hardcopy version.  They are not required to buy the e-book format.

After checking out you will receive an email with instructions on accessing and downloading the e-book to your iPad.  Please make sure to use the student’s email address that will be using the book.  And MBS offers a 24/7 contact center allowing users to call, email or chat with an MBS Direct representative with questions.

**IMPORTANT: MBS Direct E-book Return Policy

Once you have ACCESSED your eBook you may no longer return it. Once accessed, you will be able to view it for 365 days before it expires. An e-book is considered accessed the first time the e-book is viewed or downloaded.  Once either is done the title is no longer returnable.  Non-accessed eBooks may be returned up to 21 days from the start date of class for a full refund. Please call MBS at (800) 325.3252 if you have questions.


For additional information regarding the Campus Store, you may email  Dawn Larkin or call her at 396-5751, ext. 1820 or email Missie Hoyt or call her at 396-5751, ext. 1823.

Lost Books

To inquire about your/your child's lost book, you may email  Dawn Larkin, or call 396-5751 ext. 1820.

Supply Lists

Supply lists for Middle School students for the 2014-2015 school year. Upper School students do not have a required supply list. 

Sixth Grade Supply List

Seventh and Eighth Grade Supply List