“…Trained and dedicated leadership by Christian men and women is the terrible and impelling need of mankind today. Man must once again be made relevant to his high destiny, and this can be done only by those with keen and discerning minds who have been especially schooled for the task.”

Community Service at Episcopal and Beyond

One of Episcopal’s founding principles that still guides us today is the imperative that its students be prepared for a lifetime of Christian leadership and service to others. 

Volunteering and giving to the Jacksonville area's non-profit organizations is expected and encouraged; students are able to donate their time while exploring their personal passions. For example, it is not uncommon for a student to form their own relationship with a community organization, raise donations for them through a special event or hold a holiday party, all on his own time and with the student’s own resources.

Episcopal students participate in and support a variety of causes in the community. Students tutor at after school programs for Sanctuary on 8th, organize camps for students at Daniel Inc., and plan and execute activities at the North Florida School. They participate in fundraising walks for DSAJ and support runners at the "26.2 with Donna." They raise funds disaster victims and cancer research. Students also have the opportunity to perform community service through mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

Episcopal works to inspire in students a dedication to community service that outlasts their time at the School. Episcopal alumni found, work for, and support causes all over the world, including developing Share Our Hope, Inc., swimming to raise funds for schools in Afghanistan, and working with families affected by genocide in Rwanda.  

In addition to service opportunities, Episcopal seeks to enrich our student body with students from diverse backgrounds. Three programs administered by the Community Service Department strive to develop qualified applicants to Episcopal and to ensure their success once they enroll.

  • The Young Wings program encourages seventh and eighth grade students in leadership classes to volunteer after school 
  • New Horizons helps to identify and support highly talented students who could benefit from an Episcopal education, but who need financial assistance and/or pre-enrollment academic bolstering. 
  • Safe Nest is a school-wide heightening of awareness to ensure that our campus is a sensitive and welcoming place for students of diverse backgrounds.