Episcopal is committed to a safe, inclusive positive learning and working environment. Students, faculty, administrators and staff are expected to treat all individuals with dignity, respect and kindness. Each person at Episcopal has the right to participate fully in the life of the School.

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The Director of Safety & Security is responsible for all safety and security systems and personnel on all Episcopal School of Jacksonville's properties. This includes the contracted security company, campus fire and intrusion systems, administering campus parking, and special-event staffing. This position also assists the Head of School, the Heads of the Upper and Middle Schools, and Deans with investigations and any safety or security matters.

Episcopal continually works to review and implement safety and security procedures, including hiring extra security personnel, increasing the number of emergency drills, enhancing 911 notification capabilities throughout campus, increasing awareness of visitor policies, formalizing relationships with local law enforcement, and continually improving and enhancing the Crisis Management & Communications Plan and the Emergency Response Plan. 

Episcopal has also:

  • Installed a digital patrol check system for 24 hour security patrols.  This improvement ensures the regular surveillance of the campus because it requires security officers to “wand-scan” several times a day at a number of checkpoints throughout the campus.  This procedure also ensures that our security officers have a regular presence throughout the campus, throughout each day.
  • Completed the campus cyber re-keying project, making ESJ a pioneer in access control. 
  • Improved the School’s Human Resources Policies & Procedures.
  • Implemented a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
  • Improved and enforced the Schools Visitors Policy.
  • Conducted on-campus safety drills.
  • Established a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office substation adjacent to campus.
  • Finalized plans to install a campus-wide PA system.

While some safety strategies are physically apparent, please be aware that there are a number of enhancements that have been implemented that are purposely not visible.  Of course, this is a deliberate strategy to ensure the effectiveness of these enhancements.

In addition to physical security systems, Episcopal offers pastoral and counseling services for students, faculty and staff that are confidential and available on campus. Episcopal recognizes that growth, learning and a vibrant campus life can only exist in an environment that is welcoming, safe, open and inclusive.

The School’s faculty and staff, pastoral care, and counseling services, as well as its safety and security department, work closely together to ensure a campus setting on which students feel safe to explore their passions and pursue their personal goals, to grow, and to be themselves as they prepare for life beyond secondary school.