E iPad

Episcopal’s curriculum is designed to be enhanced by new technology, not dependent upon it. Episcopal’s campus offers several computer labs, special Mac computers used in Fine Arts disciplines, and a fully wireless campus. Episcopal’s newest buildings, Parks and Lastinger Halls, were designed with technological and educational innovation in mind. The 12 classrooms in these buildings include features like large conduits for electronic wiring, numerous power outlets for laptops and handheld electronics, and smart board technology. Students are encouraged to bring laptops and tablets to campus for classroom use. In the fall of 2012, all faculty were given an iPad for personal and professional use, and Episcopal began implementation of an iPad program that will expand iPad use to every classroom. In the fall of 2013, all sixth through ninth graders will be required to have an iPad for classroom use.


Emerging technologies continue to change the ways information may be accessed, communicated, and transferred. Telecommunications, electronic information sources, and network services significantly alter the information landscape for today's schools by opening classrooms to a broader array of resources than ever before. Wireless internet access allows students to find resources at government, university, scientific, commercial and private sites worldwide. Students can communicate and collaborate with remote individuals and groups, greatly expanding their available information base. This serves to prepare them as citizens of the world. With the intention to provide access to various resources, however, comes the need to establish, communicate, and enforce standards of student behavior while using computers and network resources at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. ESJ works with students throughout their student careers to ensure they are fully aware of safe, ethical and appropriate uses of technology.