What makes Episcopal so exceptional is that we challenge our students to truly look within and look beyond. Our students not only grow in their skills and abilities in their time at ESJ, but they also grow in their awareness of God’s immeasurable love and in their compassion for one another.

Welcome from the Chaplain's Office!

It is such a joy to be the Chaplain at The Episcopal School of Jacksonville.  As a priest and an educator, I am truly blessed to be a part of this community.

All communities are a collection of individuals that come together for a common mission.  At ESJ, we have a great tradition of academic excellence and character formation.  The students, faculty, and staff all must do our part to continue this tradition of excellence.  We are able to succeed in this common mission because Jesus Christ is our center.

Guided by the life and ministry of Jesus, we respect the dignity of all people.  Though we are a school in the Episcopal tradition, we welcome students, faculty, and staff from all faith traditions.  There is a richness that comes from a community which is inclusive, accepting, and receptive of a wide breadth of faith traditions and other differences.  

At ESJ, like all other Christian communities, it is all about relationships – our relationship with God and our relationship with others.  As we focus on our relationship with God and with others, we gather together each week for Chapel.  Weekly worship is the center of our life together.  Our worship is inclusive and creative in the Episcopal tradition.  The purpose of chapel is to center our week, and our lives, on God while growing in our relationship with God.  As we center our hearts and minds on God, we are better able to serve others in our own communities as well as in the greater world around us.  

There are many other ways that our spiritual life is intertwined within the life of the school.  From the weekly PICs, the theology curriculum, the informal prayer times and chaplain talks, to the many other ways our faith permeates our community life, we share life together in our ESJ community.   

With joy, I look forward to our journey together.

Mother Teresa Seagle

School Chaplain