It is no secret that our students are at the heart of the School’s mission. Students at Episcopal are in a constant state of activity—from fine arts to athletics, clubs to student government, community service to spiritual endeavors—all of which contribute to their development into the leaders of tomorrow. But the primary focus for students at Episcopal is in the classroom—a value the School has proudly upheld since its inception.

Because of the School’s high standards, Episcopal students make up some of the most academically successful in the state of Florida, and in many cases, nationwide. In the past several years, Episcopal students have achieved incredible accomplishments such as successive athletic state championships, national recognition in the fine arts, international success in science fair competitions, and a continuously increasing number of completed community service hours. 

Eagle Pride

With an incredible 100% college placement rate, high number of National Honor and National Merit Scholars, outstanding standardized test scores, and competitive Ivy League college and university acceptances and attendance, it’s clear that Episcopal’s students live up to the School’s standard of excellence.