For more information on clubs and activities, contact Ms. Erika Dale, Director of Student Activities.


Angelwood Amigos   This club was created to help provide care and friendship to kids from the Angelwood homes in Jacksonville, who have mild to severe mental disabilities.  Sponsor: Ms. Windham

Angels for Allison – This club is an opportunity to gather in God's name to help with the financial needs of families who are suffering with the loss of a child.  Sponsor: Ms. Krueger (MS and US)

Best Buddies   This club is designed to empower youth who attend schools without a special education department to become advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Sponsor: Mr. Brozowski 


Chapel Tech – Students learn how to operate projection, lighting, and sound boards. Also, they will help to run chapel from backstage.  Sponsor: Ms. Elsila (MS and US)

Chess Club of ESJ   This club is for people who are interested in chess to have the opportunity to play casual games with others and also participate in school tournaments.  

Community Service Council   This organization is composed of upper school students who want to help organize a wide variety of community service projects presented to Episcopal.  Sponsor: Ms. Van Cleve-Miller



Computer Science Club   Gaming with Scratch club meet to create digital animations and games using M.I.T’s Scratch programming language. Instead of just being consumers of digital media, students will learn to be creators of original digital media. Using an application based on Scratch, students will program operations for the Finchrobot too.  Sponsor: Ms. Bardin (MS and US)

Cum Laude Society   This honor society recognizes students in grades 11 and 12 who have distinguished themselves on a basis of the society motto, “Excellence, Justice, and Honor.” Membership is by invitation only (see the Parent/Student Handbook for criteria.)  Sponsors: Mr. Brozowski

Dance Ensembles   Students will audition for placement in September and then rehearse after school. Students will be cast in different pieces according to their strengths and prepare for the Dance Concert and other dance opportunities at school, around the Jacksonville community, and out-of-town.  Sponsor: Ms. McCaughan and Ms. Walker (MS and US)

Daniel Club   This group volunteers at Daniel Memorial. They do various activities throughout the school year and during the summer they sponsor a week-long camp.  Sponsor: Ms. Waler (MS and US)



Dominican Republic Club   This club meets monthly to plan activities that will support an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. This club is open to students in grades 9-12.  Sponsor: Ms. Snapp

Dominican Republic Trip


Dreams Come True Club   This club raises money to help children with terminal diseases make their dreams come true. 

Dynasty Club – This Club is designed to Glorify God, develop leaders and add value to others while helping orphans across China though Grace and Hope for Children. Sponsor: Ms. Dulaney

ESJ Diversity Club – The purpose of this club is to come together in a sanctioned environment to discuss certain topics about race and religion within our own Episcopal Community. Sponsor: Ms. Windham

Forensics – Episcopal is a member of the National Forensics League, the oldest Speech and Debate society in the country.  Students compete in various public speaking events, ranging from extemporaneous speaking on domestic and world affairs to memorized events in which they interpret humorous and dramatic pieces of literature.  Sponsor: Ms. Hutchins assisted by Mr. Phillips

French Club – This club meets once a month to promote interest in the French culture.  

Freshman Orientation Adventure Counselors   This group is open to students in grades 11 and 12 only. They must complete an application to become a counselor on this camping trip.  Sponsor: Ms. Zeiner, Ms. Connery

Fuel   This group’s purpose is to give fun, healthy options to students on the weekends. They sponsor activities like dodge ball or basketball tournaments.  Sponsor: Ms. Rankin

Gallimaufry – The purpose of this club is the development and production of the Episcopal’s literary/arts magazine, which is published in the spring.  Sponsor: Ms. Siddons

Great Decisions/World Affairs Club/ M.U.N. – This club is composed of upper school students interested in developing ideas to help tackle current issues involving world affairs. They are exposed to different speakers and they prepare for competitions that challenge their ideas.  Sponsor: Natalie Herford

Green Club – This club is composed of upper school students who want to help the Episcopal community become more energy efficient. They have planted a community garden next to the Buck Center. 

Help 4 Jax – This club helps different organizations such as Sulzbacher Center, Dignity U Wear, Second Harvest Food Bank and Downtown Ecumenical Services Council through volunteering and fundraising.  Sponsor: Ms. Wallis (MS only)


International Club – The purpose of this club is to educate and help people become appreciative of all cultures. The club meets once a month to have lunch together and learn about different cultures. There is a fee for lunch.  Sponsors: Ms. Van Cleve-Miller and Ms. Andrea Rizzi

International Thespian Society/U.S. Drama Club   The Episcopal School of Jacksonville chapter, troupe 1187, is active in this international society. This club is for students who are involved in the theatre classes and/or the after school theatre related activities. Inducted thespians and hopeful thespians gather in this campus club to work together on publicity, projects, and other details of the theatre program such as district and state competitions.  Sponsors: Ms. Black and Ms. Siddons

Jazz Band – The Jazz Band is open to students in grades 8-12. Jazz, blues, and contemporary styles are introduced to the group. The Jazz Band performs at the annual Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.  

Key Club – This community service club meets twice a month to participate in activities to help the Jacksonville community. There is a $10 membership fee.  Sponsor: Mr. Thrift

Latin Club – This club meets once a month to promote interest in the Latin culture. There is a $5 membership fee.  Sponsor: Ms. Prendergast (MS and US)

Lab Rats Lab Rats are students in grades 9-12 who volunteer to help with science presentations to Middle School students and/or 6th grade students visiting from the feeder school. Lab Rats create and organize presentations and experiments to teach basic science concepts. They earn community service credit for their time and expertise.  Sponsor: Ms. Russo


March of Dimes – Students will work with your students who are members of the March of Dimes Youth Leadership Council to represent Episcopal at various charity events and raise money for this organization.  Sponsor: Ms. Bates

Mathletes – This math club promotes the enjoyment of understanding mathematics.  Sponsor: Mr. Brozowski

Middle School Drama Club Middle School students who are involved in theatre and want to learn and enjoy more time on the stage and work on performances meet once a week during 4th period lunch in the drama club.  

Middle School Math Competitions This club prepares students for three math competitions during the school year. It meets weekly and the competitions are on the weekends.  Sponsor: Mrs. Shaaber

Middle School Reading Club This club is a small but fun group that focuses on outside reading and helping to develop the MS Summer Reading list.  Sponsor: Ms. Oulton

Music for a Cause Upper school students interested in performing to raise funds for various local and national charities rehearse once a week during 5th period lunch. Sponsor, Ms. Solomon (US)

National Art Honor Society – The Episcopal High School chapter plans many activities and field trips to reach out beyond the campus to share their passion for art. Membership is open to dedicated art students in the upper school who are enrolled in advanced placement or honors visual art courses and who have a minimum b average in the visual arts course and an overall B average.  Sponsor: Mr. Zimmerman

National French Honor Society Membership is open to upper school students who have completed at least three semesters of French and they have earned at least an A- average in all of their French courses. They must also have an overall academic B average. 

National Honor Society – The NHS recognizes students for their accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, service and citizenship. Membership is open to students in grades 10 - 12 by invitation only. (See Parent/Student Handbook for membership criteria.) Sponsors: Ms. Edwards and Mr. Kub


National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society To be eligible for induction into the National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society, students must be in Latin 2 or higher and have at least an A- grade point average in their Latin classes. These students must also be members of the Junior Classical League and exemplify good citizenship.  Sponsor: Ms. Prendergast

National Junior Honor Society  The NJHS is an organization that promotes recognition of students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, service and citizenship. Membership is by invitation only. (See the Parent/Student Handbook for membership criteria.) Members are inducted in the spring of their eighth grade year.  Sponsor: Mr. Jevic and Ms. Needle

P.R.I.S.M. (People Rising In Support of Multiculturalism)  PRISM meets to discuss issues of multiculturalism and current/historical events.  Sponsors: Ms. Van Cleve-Miller and Ms. McCaughey

Ping Pong Club   Students gather for fun to share their love of ping pong.  Sponsor: Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Kirk

Relay for Life Club   Relay for Life is a school club in which students and teachers unite together to not only plan and raise money for the San Marco Relay for Life held here at Episcopal, but also to support and fundraise for other causes as well. We are a group of passionate people who celebrate those who have beaten cancer, remember those we have lost, and fight for a cure.  Sponsor: Ms. Marks

Science Olympiad   This is a science competition team, open to students in grades 9-12.  Sponsor: Ms. Russo



Second Harvest Club   Second Harvest helps support the local chapter of the Second Harvest Food Bank through volunteer work and food drives. Nationwide, Second Harvest distributes food and grocery products to hungry people and to educate the public about the causes and possible solutions to problems of domestic hunger.  Sponsor: Ms. Kanaday

Spanish Club   The Spanish Club exists to increase awareness of Spanish culture. There is a $5 membership fee.  Sponsor: Ms. Snapp (MS and US)

Student to Student Ministries   This club was started to minister and be a support system to students who are experiencing extra ordinary challenges in their lives.  

S.W.A.G (Saved with Amazing Grace)   The purpose of SWAG is to encourage people to have a passionate prayer life and to grow daily in their relationship with God.  Sponsor: Ms. Oulton

The McKenzie Wilson Club   Students will help raise money and volunteer at events sponsored by The McKenzie Wilson Foundation.  Sponsor: Ms. Kanaday

Tri-M Music Honor Society -  is an international music organization which honors students in grades 11 and 12, for their academic and musical achievements. Sponsor, Ms. Solomon (US)

Trivia Titans   Trivia Titans is a team involved in academic competition with other local high schools, both public and private. It is open to anyone in grades 9-12. The team practices one day a week during lunch.  Sponsors: Ms. Ferlisi and Ms. Kneale-Tippins

Afterschool Tech   Learn the ins and outs of technical theatre including the fly system, painting and construction techniques, lighting and sound and how to run a show.  Sponsor: Ms. Elsila

Upper School Student Government   The Upper School Student Government is a voice for the student body and plans school activities throughout the year, including Color Wars, Tailgates Homecoming events, Winter Dance, and Spring Fest. Membership is by election only.  Sponsors: Mrs. Dale, Mr. Phillips and Ms. Van Cleve-Miller

Upper School Vestry   The Upper School Vestry exists to help plan and run chapels. The Chaplain appoints the Vestry and they meet weekly.  Sponsor: Mother Theresa Siegel

Vocal Ensemble  This choral group includes male and female singers in grades 6-12. No audition is required for participation. The group performs at Christmas and in the spring. Rehearsals are every Tuesday after school. Sponsor, Ms. Solomon (MS and US) 

Young Libertarians   The Young Libertarians of ESJ are centered around the notion of “Let the Free Market run its course.” This club discusses globalist exploits, watches informative videos and promotes a strong third political party.  

Young Republicans   This club is designed to inform young republicans about today’s politics by taking an active role in the community of ESJ, in addition to Jacksonville through campaign volunteer work, debates and political surveys.  Sponsor: Ms. Zebouni