Student Government Logo

Elected every spring for the upcoming school year, Student Government members are chosen by their peers after given approval to run for an office. Students must have recommendations from two teachers or a class advisor, as well as sign an agreement affirming their commitment to their position. Student Government leaders are very involved in many aspects of school life. The Student Government plans school-wide days, such as color wars, which help strenghten community on campus and encourage school spirit and unity. They host tailgates all year long, sponsor homecoming events, winter dance and springfest. In addition, almost every member of Student Government participates in a sport or in fine arts at ESJ. Almost all are involved in multiple volunteer organizations and clubs at Episcopal, and volunteer often in the Jacksonville community. Episcopal’s Student Government is made up of extraordinary individuals which play an important role on campus each year.

The Episcopal Student Government is sponsored by Director of Student Activities Erika Dale, faculty member Charlie Phillips and Director of Community Service, Sis Van Cleve-Miller ’82.

 Student Government Cabinet for 2013-2014

Richie Mullaney

President: Richie Mullaney

Vice President: Will Singletary

Secretary: Laurel Lee


Senior Class Officers 2013-2014

President: Siddarth Yarlagadda

Vice President: Thomas Chafin

Secretary: Emily Bailey

Senators: John Michael Currie, Kevin Munoz, Jack Stephens, Sylvester Quezada

Junior Class Officers 2013-2014

President: Lawrence Sims

Vice President: Angela Orth

Secretary: Kelly Stoudemire

Senators: Thomas Adkins, Wenduo Nie, Jane Stoudemire

Sophomore Class Officers 2013-2014

President: Tatum Thompson

Vice President: Addison Mathis

Secretary: Dinah Stephens

Senator: Louise Ellisen, Megan Teems

Freshmen Class Officers 2013-2014

President: Alex Woodward

Vice President: Anne Bayley Shoemaker

Secretary: Caroline Still

Senator: Speakman Smith

More information about Student Government Elections for the 2014-2015 year will be added in the spring.