Important End of Year Information

Uniform Donation, Book Buy Back, Summer Reading, Library Hours

Please note: Library hours from May 22-May 25 are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on May 26, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Summer Reading

Step 1

Research your 2017-2018 Summer Reading books using the LibGuides below:

Step 2

Purchase your books using one of the following methods:

Book Buy Back Information

During buy-back week students should bring their textbooks to the Buck Student Center to take part in the book buy-back event.

Uniform Donation

Starting on Monday, May 15, collection bins will be available around campus to collect Episcopal uniform items that are unwanted or will no longer be worn next school year. The clearly marked collection bins will be placed by the Towers House (Community Service Office), Upper School drop off, Middle School drop off, outside the Campus Store, and in the Buck Center lobby. These bins will be removed at the end of May.

Uniform items with a Sunshine Uniforms logo on the tag will no longer be worn next year. Students will be allowed to dress down on exam days, and will not need to be in uniform. Senior exams take place May 15 – 17. Eleventh through eighth grade students will take exams May 22 – 26. Seventh grade student exams take place May 22 – 24. There are no exams for sixth grade, and their last day of classes is May 19.

If you have any questions about uniform donation and collection, please contact Catherine Kirkpatrick, Parents’ Association President, at [email protected].


The Parents’ Association and the Dominican Republic Club have partnered to support this effort. Many of the items donated will be given to the Dominican Republic orphanage visited recently by Episcopal students. The article below was written by Pepper Van Cleve Miller ’18

Your old school uniforms should go to a good home. There is no better place to send the uniforms than to the needy children in the Dominican Republic. As you may know, for the last several years, Episcopal has had many treks to the Dominican Republic orphanage, La Suiza. Health and travel concerns in the area have kept us from making a return trip. Just the same, we want to reach out to the children at the orphanage with gifts. The children would be overjoyed to get your old uniforms.

On a personal note, my experience in the Dominican Republic has been an extraordinarily eye-opening experience. To be able to visit yearly and to have a positive impact in the children’s lives at the orphanage is awesome! Going to a third world country and staying at an orphanage was never something I thought I would enjoy. The scorching heat alone was enough for me to decline the invitation immediately but, after hearing the stories from people who came back, I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My very first memory of the orphanage was the sound. As we drove up the hill I could hear the excited yells of the boys. The children are full of life and they are always looking for a good laugh. One laugh in particular that I could never forget is that of one child, Odalias. If you ask someone who has been on the trip before, most people can identify a specific child with whom they really connected. For me, it was Odalias. He is an orphan who has lived at La Suiza his entire life. He was abandoned as a child and has special needs. Despite being much smaller than most because of malnutrition as a baby, he does not let this slow him down. We played countless hours of Uno, basketball and hopscotch. He really enjoys attempting sleight of hand at the games, but his real fun is derived in getting caught. When he does, his laugh is contagious!