Middle School Students Recognized

Spring Arts, Athletics, Academic Achievements

Middle School students were recognized last week for accomplishments in many areas of campus life, including Fine Arts, Academics and Athletics. Lists are below.


Head of School Honor’s List

Honor’s List


First Name Last Name Grade Sport  Level 
Hardy Langston 8 Baseball IMSC Capt.
Matey Jared 7 Baseball IMSC CHDCA
Eppley Austin 7 Baseball IMSC Capt. & MVP Award Winner
Almond Ander 7 Baseball JV
Bogan Jack 8 Baseball JV
Ellis Davis 8 Baseball JV
Haynes Thomas 8 Baseball JV
Hodges Clayton 8 Baseball JV
Shannahan Luke 8 Baseball JV
McGarity Connor 8 Baseball JV MVP
Barksdale Sally 8 Lacrosse JV
Capra Rebecca 7 Lacrosse JV
Carter Mia 8 Lacrosse JV
Cavendish Caroline 7 Lacrosse JV
Chepnik Sophia 7 Lacrosse JV
Kantor Brooke 8 Lacrosse JV
Logullo Hannah 7 Lacrosse JV
McCawley Katie 7 Lacrosse JV
Olgetree Katie 8 Lacrosse JV
Pajcic Winnie 8 Lacrosse JV
Rachels Alston 8 Lacrosse J
Reid Reagan 8 Lacrosse JV
Summerlin Brantley 8 Lacrosse JV
Wadei Joelle 7 Lacrosse JV
Leila Warner 7 Lacrosse JV
Kurlas Mimi 8 Lacrosse JV Capt. & Coach’s Award
Ritch Izzy 8 Lacrosse JV Capt. &  MVP
Greene Knox 8 Lacrosse V
McKee Jason 8 Lacrosse MS CHDCA
Murphy Jake 8 Lacrosse MS MVP
Pritchard Sarah 8 Rowing MS Capt.
Roy Ellie 8 Rowing MS Capt.
Bryan Bella 7 Rowing MS CHDCA
Kagiliery Julia 8 Rowing MS MVP
Kagiliery Anna 8 Rowing JV
Podvia Emilee 8 Rowing JV
Woodward Mary 8 Rowing JV
Alton Allie 7 Rowing V
Warner Mason 8 Rowing Capt.
Washington Garrison 8 Rowing CHDCA
Vontz Zach 8 Rowing Capt. MVP
Bisher Jack 8 Rowing JV
Fouts Paul 8 Rowing JV
Garcia Nick 8 Rowing JV
Lindsey Cooper 8 Rowing JV
Richart Cooper 8 Rowing JV
Snyder Nick 8 Rowing JV
Smith Anna Kate 8 Softball IMSC Capt.
Colon Izzy 8 Softball IMSC Capt. MVP
Largen Ariel 8 Softball IMSC CHDCA
Conner Jaclyn 8 Softball IMSC Capt. V
Eppley Kami 8 Softball IMSC Capt. V
Trobaugh Mackenzie 7 Tennis MS CHDCA
Shay Erin 8 Tennis MS Capt. MVP
Blanton Izzy 8 Tennis JV
Murray Sophie 8 Tennis JV
Adams Jack 8 Tennis JV
Maguire Harrison 8 Tennis JV
Jevic Cooper 8 Track JV
Stamper Andre 8 Track JV letter recipient & CHDCA
Kohla Don 8 Track MS Capt. JV letter recipient MS MVP
Wingert Sabrina 8 Track V
Kowkabany Ellie 7 Track V letter recipient & CHDCA
Hardwick Jade 7 Track MS Capt. & MS MVP V letter recipient
Jevic Cooper 8 Weight Lifting V
CHDA – Celeste Hampton Distinguished Character Award

Fine Arts

MS Choral Music

Solo work – Lauren Holland and Julia Polster

MS Chorale – Entire group

MS Dance 

6th- Ben Helton

7th – Michael Officer and Sydney McGee

Foundations:  Sydney Berse

MS Drama

6th – Cohen Chesser

7th – Lyman Starmer

8th – Jake Murphy

Visual Art

MS Art – ESJ Annual Christmas Ornament Design

3rd place – John Fernandez

2nd place – Anna Grace Pajcic

1st place – Izzy Ritch


MathCounts (placement is out of 42 schools and over 400 students)

Top Ten – Grant Himes and Braden Witkovich

MathCounts Team

Grant Himes
Braden Witkovich
Sally Barksdale
Kelsey Stankard
Olivia Nolan
Jade Hardwick
Taye Revels
Katherine Gabriel

Florida Math League (placement is within ESJ, not statewide)

6th grade

1st – Ella Bisher
2nd – Jake Peterson

7th grade

1st – Jade Hardwick
2nd – Taye Revels, Antonio Hicks, Hayden Johns (3 way tie)

8th grade

1st – Mason Warner
2nd – Sally Barksdale