Rowing Places Second at States

Boys and Girls Teams Scholastic Runners Up

The Episcopal Rowing teams earned second place scholastically at the state championship over the weekend. Teams compete against club rowing teams as well as high school rowing teams at the state championship. Overall, Episcopal came in second against more than 20 participating high schools from across Florida. Go Eagles!

Boys 1V8 –  4th overall and 2nd scholastically

Boys 2V8 – 5th and 2nd scholastically

Boys 3V8 – 6th and 3rd scholastically

Boys Freshmen – 8th and 4th scholastically

Boys Junior 4 – 13th overall and 8th scholastically


Girls 1V8 – 6th overall and 3rd scholastically

Girls 2V8  – 4th overall and 2nd scholastically

Girls Junior 8 – 6th overall and 1st scholastically (Won the “Okie” O’Connor Cup)

Girls Freshmen 8 – 9th and 4th scholastically

Team Points

2nd overall scholastically behind Winter Park

2nd in Girls Points behind Winter Park

3rd in Boys Points behind Belen Jesuit