14 Students Learn from CISV World Travel Programs

This summer 14 Episcopal students participated in CISV programs abroad. CISV is a global, peace education program whose mission is to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. This year’s theme was Human Rights which each student explored in depth with students across the globe through activities including a prisoner of war simulation, formal and informal small group discussions, human trafficking simulation and more.  

Julia Kato ’21 and Harper McEvoy ’21 attended a Step-Up camp in Italy; Sally Barksdale ’21 in Spain; Olivia Kato ’19 also traveled to Spain where she attended a youth meeting; Emily Evans ’18 and Xander Magevney ’21 served as junior counselors at Village programs in Belgium and Ohio respectively. Village is a four week camp attended by forty-eight 11 year-olds from twelve different countries. Caroline Taylor ’18 and Whit Hutto ’18 attended Seminar camps in Italy and Israel respectively. Bella McQuade ’23, Anna Walllace ’22 and Ryan Napoleon ’23 hosted students from Prague, Czech Republic and then traveled to Prague where their Interchange partners hosted them. Charlotte Rosenberg ’20, Mabel Smith ’20, and Jack Bisher ’21 did the same by hosting and being hosted by students from Sweden.

“CISV has been a part of my life since I was eleven years old. I have gained so much from the five programs I’ve taken part in. I’ve learned how to be kinder, a better listener, and friend because of CISV. I know anyone who participates, will love the organization the way I do,” said Emily Evans ’18.

For more information on CISV visit cisvjax.org.