Art Students Create During Hurricane

ESJ students turned to the Visual Arts during Hurricane Irma. The time away from screens, and time to explore creative processes relieved stress and provided time to produce some especially beautiful works! The extra time outside of class allowed students to hone in on skills and ideas.

Colored Pencil by DanIelle Corbin.12th Grade.  “I like art because it gives me peace amidst the stress of the school year”. This colored pencil drawing I did reminds me of a quote by Einstein: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

Acrylic on Panel. “The Fleet”.  Madison Clark. 10th Grade. “Painting transports me to this wonderful place in Maine. The process of painting itself can be so frustrating! But then I figure it out, and am so happy with the results!” – Madison

Watercolor portrait by Taylor Logan.12th Grade. “Welcome to Boys Town”.  Art is fun!

Emily Coll. 10th Grade. Mixed Media. “This was an interesting experiment because I only used contour lines to construct a face into 2D shapes.”


Acrylic Painting by Grace Woodward. 12th Grade. Title: Pink Days. “I like to paint, it takes away stress and is a way I can be creative. It’s so much fun and I just love color!”

Acrylic on Canvas Panel and Graphite Portrait by Courtney Crawford. 12th Grade. “Painting takes my mind of stresses. It’s a way for me to remember the past visually through shape and color. I’m very visual and it brings back great memories”

Dirt Bike Drawing by Izzy Colon. 9th Grade. Title: I’m just an average kid with above average dreamsGraphite by Izzy Colon. 9th Grade.

Phone Case Design by Izzy Colon. 9th Grade.

“I like art because for me I have a hard time articulating my thoughts, so when I do an original piece I’m conveying those feelings and ideas into an image. So when it’s finished it’s like AHHHH that’s what I meant! That thing there!” – Izzy Colon

Collage by Daniella Teixeira. 11th Grade.

Fire Dance. Miranda Doro.9th Grade.

Acrylic Painting. By Miranda Doro. 9th Grade.