Dance Students' "Safe Space" Study

Dance 2 – 4 Honors were given a “Safe Space” study, where students choreographed to the five senses (hear, smell, taste, feel, see) of a space they feel most comfortable. But, what happens when your “Safe Space” is disrupted by Hurricane Irma? Allison Henderson ’18 chose Walter Jones Memorial Park as her place of study. “I chose this park because it is my go-to place whether I am feeling down, happy, poetic, or stressed. I usually like to take a walk on the boardwalk, look at the St. Johns River, and read a book on one of the numerous benches. When choreographing my solo I was inspired to create movement based off of the angular shape of the boardwalk, the overarching trees that reside all over Mandarin, and the energy of the waves and wind. My original plan for my photography shoot following the choreography project was to return to Walter Jones and shoot there. However, upon driving for the first time after Hurricane Irma I saw that the gates were shut and locked. Though I never physically saw the damage to the park from Irma, I can sense that it was severe, and that my safe space will be forever marked by this destructive disaster.”

As we all put the pieces back together, it is important to grieve and then grow from this, as from all setbacks, with a renewed purpose and vision. This is something that we are highlighting with our visual and performing arts students.