From Seniors to Freshmen

From Seniors to Freshmen

By: Sara Himebauch ’18

September 22, 2017

 As I sit here and recall my freshman year that seems like forever ago, I remember the whirlwind of emotions that I felt entering the unknown territory. Granted I had been at ESJ the past two years, but let’s be honest, high school is a whole different beast than middle school. Freshman year was one of new beginnings, adventures and challenges for me. Everything you did seemed to matter, count and make a difference in regards to your future. It was undoubtedly a scary year to begin.

However, I don’t write this to intimidate our new freshman but rather to share and let them know that the initial shock that some may face soon wears off and that high school can (and often does) turn out to be some of the best years of your life. So, from us seniors, who have quite literally been in your shoes, here is some advice about freshman year that may help ease your transition.

Q: What advice would you give to your freshman self?

A: I would tell myself to cherish every moment I was presented. Before you know it, you’ll be a senior, and you’ll never get those beautiful moments back.” -Maia Wells ’18

A: “Greet everyone you meet with a smile. All it takes is a little kindness to start a lasting friendship.” -Nick Odum ’18

A: “Being involved in millions of activities and overbooking your schedule isn’t always a good thing. Not to say you shouldn’t be involved, because I’ve found that to be quite rewarding, but also know that it is okay to give yourself time to breathe and find the balance.” -Meri Claire West ’18

A: “Don’t slack off freshman year, as tempting as it is. Keep your grades up, push yourself hard in your activities, and take classes that challenge you.” -Ryan Bell ’18