The Beak

The Beak

By: Jacob Sessions ’18

October 4, 2017

After weeks of patiently waiting, it is finally here. Episcopal’s newest fine-dining option, The Beak, is now fully operational and ready to roll. With this new addition, students will be provided alternate food choices at lunch and can more easily enjoy the many outdoor seating areas around campus.

What makes The Beak so special is since it is a food truck, it can be moved around the campus and to home/away sporting events. This means that nourishment can always be provided to our Episcopal sports fans. The Beak is unlike anything Episcopal has ever seen before and in that vein it has a new procedure on how to order food. Students and faculty have been asked to buy tokens at the campus store ranging from white to silver to gold. Only two tokens can be purchased per day, and they can be bought at all times, except during lunch.

Each token represents what you can get for food. White tokens get french fries.  Silver tokens get a sandwich, either chicken or a hamburger, and gold tokens get a sandwich, french fries and water. Now it may seem like a no-brainer to get the gold tokens, but each token has a varying price. White tokens are $1.80. Silver tokens are $3.50, and gold tokens are $6.00, so students will have to think and act accordingly as to which option is best for them.

Gabe Thomas ’18, is already an avid fan of The Beak, saying: “I thought the food was well priced and tasty. The tokens are exquisite.”

As the newest addition to a year already ripe with change, The Beak is sure to add extra flair around campus and will be well-received by all.