College Prep 101: College Abroad

The Parent Association in conjunction with College Counseling held the first College Prep 101 program of the year last Wednesday titled “College Abroad.”

Representatives from the University of Glasgow and New York University – Shanghai, as well as Episcopal parents, alumni and college counseling staff were on hand to discuss the options and share their experiences about attending a four-year college abroad.

Harold Stankard (Carter ’19) commented: “After hearing from university representatives from both United Kingdom, Europe, and China, as well as from ESJ parents just like us who’ve had first-hand experience in sending a child abroad was incredibly insightful. I feel more informed than ever and excited to explore this kind of opportunity.”

Topics included the application process, differences in the educational systems, the overall experience, and advantages and challenges. Parents and students of all grade levels are encouraged to attend all College Prep 101 events.

Andrea Rizzi, Associate Director of College Counseling, added, “I see our students wanting to cast wider nets when it comes to their college search. Considering college options abroad is one way they can do this. As it is, we are visited by more colleges abroad then we ever have as their interest in recruiting students from the US is expanding.”