ESJ Students Create Helping Hands

Students in Episcopal’s Human Anatomy and Physiology classes recently built prosthetic hands for those in need through Odyssey Teams, a philanthropic team building program. The Science Department purchased the hand kits for the students as part of the company’s Helping Hands Project.

For a deeper understanding of the challenges facing those receiving a prosthetic hand, for several days prior to the project students were required to wear a “hand coozie” on their non-dominant hand to simulate what it would be like to live with only one hand.

“Students worked in teams of three to follow detailed, step-by-step instructions. I was really impressed with how seriously they took this project and with how well they worked together. I was also happy to see that what started as an anatomy lesson, grew into something much more for our students,” said Mrs. Buford.

“It feels good to help someone and to help change their lives,” said Jillian Griffin ’19.

“Building the hands took a lot of teamwork,” shared Alana Gregory ’19.

School Chaplain Teresa Seagle blessed the hands and then they were placed in hand-decorated pouches made by the students. In addition to holding the hands, the pouches will contain hand-written notes from student-hand builders, and photos or ESJ memorabilia. Once complete, the hands will be sent back to Odyssey Teams in California where they will be inspected one more time. After that they will likely be given to individuals in a developing country.

“We have been told that most of the hand recipients are people who have lost a hand in a land mine,” said Mrs. Buford.