Honors Chemistry Fudge Contest Winners

Students in Honors Chemistry have just completed a unit on stoichiometry, the study of mass relationships in chemical reactions. Culminating their study, students worked in groups of three to five during their lab period to prepare the perfect fudge. Students were instructed to follow the fudge recipe on the Marshmallow Crème jar, but they were permitted to add secret ingredients. As they prepared on fudge, the students learned first-hand about the Law of Definite Proportions, limiting reactants and the pitfalls of using excess reactants.  Students looked forward to this annual tradition. Read more>>

2017 Honors Chemistry Fudge-off Winners:

First Place: Smooth creamy fudge with a dash of peppermint

Anne-Charles Zimmer, Jenny Chen, Emily Coll, Bridget Coscia

Second Place: Chewy chocolate fudge with caramel topping:

Ashton Body, Mabel Smith,Tanner Thompson, Charlotte Rosenberg

 Third Place Tie: Chocolate fudge with sweet/salty combo

Ellie Riggs, Madison Clark, Hannah McCarthy

Third Place Tie: Smooth texture with mild chocolate flavor

Reid Hampton, Max McQuiddy, William Cook, Honah Hodo