A Restaurant To Shed Light On

By: Kiara Revels ’18

I’d never heard of fresh from the Garden Shed until I overheard a group of students raving about their prices and customer service. Customer service is important obviously, but when I heard the words “cheap prices” I knew I’d be going. To my surprise, it was only a four minute drive from campus, down Art Museum Drive, so my stress of getting back before 1:05 was subdued. The cafe is cute and hidden in an office complex. As soon as I walked in, I was surprised to see the wide range of menu items and (of course) the amazing prices. Some that caused my jaw to drop were $1.37 for a hot dog and $2.25 for a side of fries. You could eat a sizeable meal for $5. The sweet ladies at the counter didn’t recognize me. They pride themselves on knowing all of their customers and engaging in conversation, which isn’t common nowadays. The owner greeted me with a glowing smile and gave me a brownie to celebrate my first time eating there. She made sure she remembered my name before I left the counter.

Now for the important part- the food. My first time going, I got the southwest chicken wrap, with a side of chips and black bean salsa. I assumed that the quality of food wouldn’t be anything special because the pricing was so reasonable. I was proven wrong with my first bite. On the wrap one will find grilled chicken, black bean salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, garlic mayo and lettuce in a garlic/herb wrap. The mayo was the star of the dish. It added the perfect amount of moisture, tying the ingredients together. The black bean salsa was one of the best salsas I’ve tasted. It was perfectly seasoned. The addition of onions, corn and red peppers added the southwestern flare that most people love. I have to mention that the portions are perfect to fill you up. The second time I went, I got a chicken gyro that had tomato, red onion and lettuce, with a side of pita bread and hummus. I love Greek food, and I was skeptical to see how theirs was. It was comparable to Taziki’s on Beach Boulevard. The warm pita bread and their nontraditional tzatziki sauce was such a nice twist on the classic gyro. I highly recommend either of these items.

If you go to Garden Shed, I guarantee you’ll be greeted with the warmest smiles, have a quality meal and a stress-free ride back. The ladies there genuinely care and get so excited to see Episcopal kids. One wall is covered with photos, most being seniors from the years before. Though I hadn’t heard of it a month ago, it is easily a favorite place to go for lunch. I encourage seniors to take advantage, and the rest of the school to check it out/look forward to going when you’re seniors.

Image courtesy of Kiki Revels ’18.