Art Of Art

By: Katharine Conklin ’18

The work of Episcopal’s National Art Honor Society (NAHS) was exceptionally creative at the fourth annual Art of Art, an event founded by Suzanna Deperi ‘16, where the Visual Arts Department and their students opened their studios to the public. For only $5 (money which will further sponsor NAHS and Courtney Crawford’s ‘18 Creative Canvas for Kids) , the visual arts’ complex was open to the community, with fun food, experimental projects and eager teachers.

Ms. Rebecca Hoadley and Ms. Michelle Krueger laid out paints, printmaking tools and infinite amounts of paper. Mr. Mark Zimmerman opened up the dark room, and all of the wheels were spinning in Mr. Bob Kirk’s room for those who wanted to make a something out of clay. Danielle Corbin ‘18 contributed beautiful cookies and spoke very highly of the experience because “it allowed us to step outside of ourselves and immerse into an art form that is typically not our own”. Danielle was one of many students who volunteered; she demonstrated her AP Studio Art skills through etching and assisting other novices in the art room. The popular evening was successfully organized by NAHS officers Jesse Calderon ‘18, Cami Gunn ‘18 and Averie Perce ‘18. Approximately 50 people attended this hands-on event, and Averie said, “Every year is different, but it always brings a smile to the faces of everyone who is in attendance.”

Image courtesy of Jesse Calderon ’18.