Faculty Continue With Professional Development

In addition to continuing to pursue certifications and higher degrees, Episcopal’s faculty engages in ongoing professional development opportunities offered through the University of North Florida, the Florida Council of Independent Schools and conferences on pedagogy. Teachers have attended field-specific training as well, including the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention; AP workshops; Econ in the Real World; and Hamilton, History and the Federal Reserve.

“If, as a school, we aim to nurture life-long learners, then teachers must model it for their students. Look around and you will see a faculty committed to continued growth,” says Marta Pauly, Dean of Faculty & Academics. “We do it in a variety of ways– by engaging in group book studies, by sharing information and techniques we learn from workshops and conferences, by collaborating with colleagues about the best way to teach a subject matter or unit, by engaging in conversations that afford us the chance to reflect on how and why we teach, and by sharing ideas about ways to serve our students better. There is an energy that comes from bonding with colleagues who share common aspirations. That energy is palpable and, in the end, creates a culture conducive to growth and learning.”

Faculty also meet bi-monthly to discuss the Harkness method of teaching. This year the faculty is also reading and discussing Ulrich Boser’s book Learn Better: Mastering the Skills for Success in Life, Business, and School, or, How to Become an Expert in Just About Anything.