Heartfelt and Humorous: Episcopal Presents You Can’t Take It With You

By: Gracie Guy ’19

This year’s Touring Company Play, You Can’t Take It With You, not only showcased the astounding theatre program at Episcopal, but also provided a humorous, heartfelt and memorable performance for those in both the audience and onstage.

Organizing a show is in itself a difficult task, but with only a month to get the show on its feet, this process was even busier than usual. The cast list was released in December, and as soon as the students got back from Christmas break, they headed to the Sikes each afternoon for two hours to rehearse. When the Sikes was occupied by the technicians, they took to the senior courtyard, Munnerlyn lobby, or Ms. Ed’s room to continue rehearsal. Alongside their acting duties, the cast members helped paint and build the set, try on and organize costumes and load props from the Munnerlyn to the Sikes. There were many long Saturday rehearsals, and the actors and actresses juggled this show along with other artistic and athletic demands as well. It took hours and hours of determination and hard work, but they were able to push each other and keep an overall positive morale throughout the process.

From Alice’s and Tony’s love, to Kohlenkov’s energy, to Rheba’s sass, there is truly something to identify with in each individual in the show. Many performers were nervous on opening night, for they were about to test live animals on stage and do a full run through of the show without stopping for the first time. Now, it was time to see if everything had fallen into place. And, just as the theatre department always manages to accomplish, they did.

Within the first few lines of the show, the audience erupted into laughter. There were so many lines where they received chuckles and smiles they never thought they would receive.

The message of the play was well executed through the students’ performances. After watching the show, audience members took away the important lesson of what truly matters in life: the memories, not the tangible things that people constantly worry over. In the performance, easygoing and wise Grandpa explains to the proper and discontent Mr. Kirby that he would be happier if he pursued what he really wanted to do, instead of working for a company he dislikes in order to make a large salary he does not need. The performance, in addition to its endless humor, also reminded the cast and audience members of what they can take with them.

Well, Episcopal has done it again; they have taken a stapled stack of papers with lines on them, a mini theatre, and a group of unique and talented students and turned it into a show. From the side-splitting humor to the heartfelt moments and lessons, this show was one of Episcopal’s best!

Image courtesy of the Fine Arts Department.