Marcus Brooks '18 Interview

By: Jack Barksdale ’19

Marcus Brooks has been nothing short of phenomenal this year for the Eagles. He’s third in the city in scoring, and leads the team in scoring, rebounds and blocks. I sat down to talk to him about his success this year, his plans for the future and the team’s upcoming district tournament preparations.

You were sort of an under-the-radar player before the season started, but early-on teams started putting a target on your back. What’s it been like playing each game knowing that other teams are focusing on you defensively?

“I mean it’s just something you have to become accustomed to and you can’t focus on it… You’ve gotta just stay in the mindset that no one’s going to stop you and that you’re the best player on the court, whenever you walk out there.”

Is there any added pressure, knowing that the team is counting on a big performance from you night in and night out?

“I mean there is a little bit of added pressure… Obviously, but again I try to stay in the mindset that I can perform night in and night out, and it won’t be any problem to do so. Being that the team relies on me; it’s just something I know I have to do. When I’m playing loose and naturally, I know no one’s going to stop me… I just get into trouble when I start thinking too much.”

Obviously this is your last season playing for Episcopal. Has it been at all sentimental?

“Um, the season has been surreal, especially with the team I have. You know, the team has been amazing. I’ve created a bond like no other; you know this is true family. I love my team, and they’ve made the season incredible.”

You’ve kept quiet about it, but what are your plans for basketball at the next level? Is this year it?

“Uh, this year is definitely not it. I am going to commit, not soon just because I’m still exploring options, but it’ll be interesting to see where I go because I really have no idea yet. I’m thinking D-II; hopefully I can get some D-I offers, but we’ll see what happens.”

With the district tournament coming up, what are the team’s chances looking like to advance from one of the toughest districts in the state?

“There’s no doubt in my mind, or my teammates’ minds, that we’re the best team in the District. We really just need to play as so, so that we can get out of this District and get to Regionals for some fresh competition, and hopefully bring home a couple of titles.”

Image courtesy of Abi Dannheim ’19.