Regional Science Fair

By: Jack Barksdale ’19

Under the tutelage of legendary science instructor Ms. Marion Zeiner, Episcopal students were rewarded for their hard work with sweeping success at the Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Project topics ranged from architectural engineering, to increasing iodine content within lettuce and everything in between. The broad array of project topics speaks both to the creativity of students and the flexibility of Mrs. Zeiner, who was able to manage and help with each of the projects. As for results at the fair, the numbers say all you need to know about Episcopal’s successful run. 12 of the 14 Episcopal students at the fair were selected to the state fair team, making up nearly half of its participants. This number is even more impressive in that only 26 of the nearly 100 fair participants were selected to the state fair. Furthermore, Katie Nicholson ‘18, Isaac Zhang ‘18 and Julia Downes ‘19 (alternate) were part of the five-person team selected to present at the International Science and Engineering Fair. Overall, Episcopal students received first place in seven of the fair’s ten categories, perhaps the most impressive statistic of them all. The incredible amount of success Episcopal enjoyed at the fair can, in large part, be attributed to the hard work and discipline required by Ms. Zeiner. Marco McGowan ‘19, who received second place in chemistry and was selected to the state fair, said of Ms. Zeiner, “The amount of work she does is incredible, and the proof is in her students’ continued excellence and achievement.”

Image courtesy of Ms. Marion Zeiner.