So-So Seafood

By: Kiara Revels ’18

You’ve probably seen this vibrant, yellow restaurant in San Marco that has taken the place of Pizza Palace. As an avid-seafood lover, I was super excited to review this place, as there isn’t another seafood grill that I know of near school. Sid and Linda’s on Atlantic and Kernan is the only place I’ve gone when specifically wanting seafood for dinner. Here are my thoughts:

One thing I loved was the variety on the menu. I was particularly impressed with their appetizer options and list of 19 sides. You have the choice between fried, broiled, blackened and grilled fish. They have everything from pasta, to chicken, calamari, scallops, burgers and gator tail. Anyone could find something they’d like here.

I decided to go with a blackened mahi-mahi “Scurvy Sandwich”, with french fries and coleslaw. The fish was cooked to perfection as the amount of seasoning was just enough and not too overbearing. It also had a wonderful texture which I was very pleased with. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I went at 9:00 on a Thursday night, but the fries were quite undercooked and the seasonings was not evenly dispersed. As for the coleslaw, it was nothing special. The mahi-mahi was definitely the star of the meal, as it should be.

So overall, is it a 5-star seafood restaurant? In my opinion, no. However, if you’re looking for those typical seafood flavors, this is a great place to satisfy your cravings– but if you’re looking for a stand-out, Sid and Linda’s on Atlantic and Kernan would be my recommendation.

Image courtesy of Kiara Revels ’19.