Vestry Chapel

By: Sara Himebauch ’18

What do you want to surrender to the Lord? This was the theme of the most recent Vestry Chapel Throughout the year, students have been looking at what it means to really live in the likeness and image of Christ, but we were reminded in this chapel that none of that is possible without first being able to give everything to God. Senior Vestry member, Cameron Ibach ‘18, reminded the congregation that “the process of surrendering is biblical”. And that in order to live more like Him, we must first give our life to Jesus.

I know that can be difficult for many of us to hear anytime, let alone right now at this given moment. I struggle with this idea of letting God work out His plan myself, but I often find myself praying to the Lord asking Him to let my eyes be blind and my hearing be tuned. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to be silent and truly just listen. Cameron reminded the audience that God is the creator that makes the planets orbit in perfect harmony. Cameron said that if He can do that than He can handle the plan for our lives.

The coolest part about this chapel however, was the fact that students had the opportunity to write down what they wanted to surrender to the Lord and put the sticky note a wooden cross. Many notes of “grades” and “my life” were stuck to the cross, but the one that stood out to me the most said “my heart.” I love this because it fully captures the jist of surrendering to the Lord. Your heart is where you dwell and to surrender something so personal, something so physical and tangible, is a beautiful thing.

Image courtesy of Sara Himebauch ’18.