Winter Formal: A Night In New York

By: Nial Murphy ’20

Winter Formal this year was a massive success! Students were allowed to take a step back from rigorous classes, stressful assessments and tough practices, and they learned to better enjoy their high school experiences. The location choice of WJCT Downtown has continued to be the perfect spot for an event such as this. The aesthetic perfectly matched the formal tone of the dance. Walking through the tunnel full of balloons and in to the dance, decorations surrounding my friends and I, is a memory we will cherish for a long time. The environment of the dance was truly special and nailed by the organizers of Student Government.

Although no dance attendees were completely sold on the music selection, many were satisfied nonetheless. Student Brooke Baldwin ‘20 remarked that the music was “energetic” and “it pumped you up”. The music was very balanced in an attempt cater to everyone’s personal tastes. The DJ played several hits that students could shout along to, and also blended in a few classics that everyone knew. A fan-favorite chaperone, Coach Pluta, made his long-awaited return to being the watchful eye of school dances and led chaperones in ensuring students had a safe but fun time.

Despite a slow start, the dance gradually grew more vibrant as the night went on. After a brief period of slight awkwardness and nervousness, as any dance will have, the people there broke through this barrier and managed to have an excellent time with their friends and dates. One student that attended the dance, Kolby Mullaney ‘20, had all positive things to say, “Formal was a very special experience. While some may disagree, I thought the DJ was superb and the choice of music was appealing.” Several students agree that Winter Formal was a very authentic, ideal high school experience that will hopefully provide memories that attendees of the dance will carry with them a very long time.

Image courtesy of Leonard’s.