Young Scientists At ESJ

By: Kate Nicholson ’18

Every year we walk through the Munnerlyn on our way to chapel and notice a ton of science posters in the lobby, but I doubt you have actually thought about what they are for. Science research is being done everyday on campus at Episcopal and you may not even know it. The students in the Honors Science Seminar course create their own science projects, based on their own curiosity and experience, and execute these projects themselves to draw their own conclusions. The projects range from developing biomarkers for kidney cancer, to creating a higher iodine content in lettuce, to utilizing 3D printing for medical necessities. Episcopal hosts a science fair for the students in the class to present their projects to many judges. These judges are doctors and researchers themselves, and they take time out of their busy schedules to help ESJ with this fair. This fair helps the students prepare for the Northeast Regional Science and Engineering Fair, where they compete with students from around Jacksonville who developed projects. This year’s ESJ School Science fair was a great success, and each student earned an award. While there may not be many students who are involved in science research, the ones that are are dedicated to doing their best work possible and passionate about their area of interest.

Photo courtesy of Abi Dannheim ’19.