Theatre Students Compete at State Festival

Once a year, 10,000 high school thespians descend upon Tampa to celebrate the art of theatre. Florida has the biggest State Theatre Festival in the country.

Twenty-two sophomores, juniors, and seniors from Acting 2, Directing 1, and Honors Theatre 3 and 4 joined Upper School Theatre Director Taylor Lee Horne ’00 for an incredible five days of workshops, stellar performances, and top-notch competition.

Directing 1 student, Jewel Hardwick ’20, describes the trip as “a new experience for me, being surrounded by a multitude of people who love to perform like I do. I felt a connection with everyone there, even though most were strangers to me.”

Students presented six pieces, ranging from monologues, solos, duet and ensemble scenes, playwriting, and a one act.
Superior and Excellent are the two highest rankings possible to attain. Jake Moorehead ’19 received straight Superiors for his solo, as did Annabelle Combs ’18 for her monologues. Hayden Ginder ’18 and Margaux Halloran ’18, who were Critic’s Choice at Districts, also received straight Superiors.

The one act, performed by Honors Theatre 3 and 4 students and directed by Interim Director of Fine Arts Katie Lebhar Black ’95, received two out of three Superiors, as did Annabelle Combs and Libby Kellmanson ’19 for their duet acting scene. Students from Honors Theatre 3 performed an ensemble scene, receiving an Excellent.

A favorite workshop among the students included a musical theatre choreography class led by Broadway actor and Wicked star, Nick Adams.

“I am incredibly proud of the students who represented Episcopal at the Festival,” says Mrs. Horne. “They held their own against the top performers in the state and took advantage of every opportunity for growth.”

Special thanks to Assistant Director of Dance, Tess Ferguson ’08, and math teacher, Michael Brozowski for chaperoning the trip.