Congres 2018

By: Kiki Revels ’18

This past weekend, 26 students traveled to Orlando for Congrès, the annual French competition. Events ranged from art projects, to trivia (Margaret Commander ‘17, Lillie Tritt ‘19 and I had a short, but good run), plays, poems, impromptu speeches and more. Each year, there is a new theme, this year’s being “La Coupe du Monde” — the World Cup. This served as the basis for some of the trivia questions and art project inspirations.

The group had tremendous success earning 6 “bons”, 5 “excellents” and 7 “superieurs” at the awards ceremony. Courtney Crawford ‘18 earned a superieur for her incredible graphite drawing of the World Cup trophy. Lillie Tritt ‘19 impressively, but not surprisingly, got a superieur for her recitation of a poem in level COA, the highest level to compete in. Adam Sayar ‘20 received Prix Du Jour (a.k.a. the best in the entire level) for his poem in level 4, something Episcopal had never achieved.  

Overall, it was a fun and enriching experience. I definitely regret not participating all my four years of high school. I encourage those who love French and Spanish to compete in these competitions, as it is a great way to meet other students from across Florida and represent Episcopal’s amazing foreign language department! Next year’s theme is La Liberté, L’égalité, et La Fraternité!

Image courtesy of Mr. Ricky Watson.