Energized for Early Man

By: Katharine Conklin ’18

Nick Park’s newest movie Early Man is as quirky as it is diverting. The plot follows the typical underdog format: the Stone Age tribe needs to protect the Valley from the Bronze Age men who have come to pillage for precious metals. Some may say it’s a more primitive account of the battle between David and Goliath.

The humor of the movie comes from the deification of football (the football of Manchester, United Kingdom) and other moments that are complete balderdash (e.g. not even Messi or Beckham could kick the soccer ball the way Dug does). While the historical content may lack approval of any AP World History teacher, the notable actors like Eddie Redmayne (the voice of the protagonist, Dug) and Tom Hiddleston (the voice of Lord Nooth, the pompous antagonist) should earn the respect of the general population. The general silliness created in Park’s prehistoric movie is worth a few cheers whether they are for the Real Bronzio soccer stars or the cavemen learning to kick a ball.

If you are quick to write off stop-motion films, think twice about undermining the story of the silly Stone Age characters the way Lord Nooth does.

Image courtesy of Vimeo.