ESJ Springs Into Quarter 4

By: Gracie Guy ’19

Students crowded the hallways Monday morning wearing different college t-shirts to celebrate March Madness. Students also participated in a competitive game of knock out, in hopes of placing a spot in the final competition would take place at Thursday’s pep rally.

Students decked out in neon and galaxy styled clothing on Tuesday and continued to show the utmost amount of school spirit throughout the day. On Wednesday, students gathered inside the Munnerlyn dressed in bold and colorful tye-dye clothing. An Eagle egg hunt also took place, and many students searched the campus to find the little treasures. The band concert also took place that night, and many talented artists had the opportunity to share their talents with the Episcopal community.  

Thursday began with the rainbow-colored student body, attending an all-school pep rally to celebrate the last few days leading up to spring break. There, the finalists of the knockout game fiercely competed; the middle schoolers absolutely dominated and placed first and second out of all the competitors. Friday’s spirit dress and talent show were the perfect ways to bring Spring Week to a close. The talent show consisted of many different performances and was thoroughly enjoyed by the student body. From solos to dancing performances to the MCs, this gathering was truly the perfect way to bring the student body together.

Episcopal spent the past five days dressing down and attending various activities to celebrate the last week of school before a well-deserved spring break. From the knockout competition to the talent show, this week’s events provided something special for every Episcopal student.

Image courtesy of Jessica Hogan ’19.