Heather Rainey Mosely '88 Named Alumna of the Year

The Alumnus of the Year Award is given during Reunion Weekend to an alumnus who has consistently provided exemplary service to Episcopal by enhancing the mission, success, stature, and well-being of the school. Episcopal’s Alumni Board President Charles Chunn ’98 announced the 2017-2018 Alumna of the Year award winner, Heather Rainey Moseley ’88, on Friday during the Reunion Weekend opening night party on the Acosta House lawn.

“This year’s recipient has done all of those things, many times over, and what is remarkable about this alumna is that she received multiple nominations from many people in her class, in addition to one really special nomination from her husband, Jim Moseley ’80,” said Charles.

Heather has been involved in the school as an alumnus and as a parent. She has been an Alumni Board member for seven years, served a class rep, chaired several committees and served as an officer in different positions. She has organized her reunion weekend parties, encourages her friends and classmates to attend special alumni events, in addition to Homecoming and Celebration and Commencement. And as a parent has served as a new parent ambassador and has been an Episcopal Fund homeroom parent for seven years. She is a loyal donor to the school and is a member of The 1966 Society.

“Although she is also an enthusiastic supporter as a parent, I know her deep love of the school comes from her time spent there as a student and her pride as an alumnus. At our house, Episcopal is a most revered institution. It is who we are,” said Jim Moseley in his nomination of Heather. “Nothing tops her commitment for Episcopal. I cannot think of a better honor for a woman who truly loves her school and works, not be recognized, but out of love.”

Heather is the incoming president of the Alumni Board and celebrates her 30th reunion this year.