Middle School Students Recognized for Quarter 3

2018 Head of School Honor QTR3

2018 Honors QTR3

Middle School Spring Athletics Recognition 2018
CHDCA – The Celeste Hampton Distinguished Character Award is awarded annually to a Middle School boy and Middle School girl who exemplifies the principles and ideals by which long time friend of Episcopal, Celeste Hampton lived her life. The ideals by which Celeste lived her live are dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork, and vision.

8thPresidential Award Recipients2017-18
The President’s Education Awards Program was founded in 1983. Every year since then, the program has provided our nation’s elementary, middle and high schools with the opportunity to recognize graduating students who meet high standards of academic excellence and those who have given their best effort, often overcoming obstacles to their learning.

2018 Mathematics Q3 Recognitions

2018 MS Fine Arts Q3 Recognitions