Seek Boldly: The Strategic Plan for Episcopal 2018-2023

Seek Boldly: The Strategic Plan for Episcopal 2018-2023

Episcopal’s 2018-2023 strategic plan, Seek Boldly, has been developed over the past year. It has been a significant effort in which our Board of Trustees, Head of School, faculty, staff, parents and alumni have participated in developing the long-term vision for the school. Our new strategic plan outlines key initiatives that build on our core mission and success, and charts a course that will take us to new levels of excellence across the Four Pillars of academics, arts, athletics and an inclusive, Episcopal faith-based community. By educating our students to realize “who” they are to become, and not “what” they are to become, Episcopal will provide the resources and environment to allow students to thrive in the classroom, around campus, at their colleges of choice and in the global community beyond.

This will allow and inspire each student to find his or her own passion, both in and outside the classroom. ESJ has built an excellent reputation as a leading college prep academic institution, while providing a safe and supportive community environment. We will build upon that position and advance our capabilities in a number of areas.

Our Strategy: Ensure that ESJ is the leading college preparatory school in the Northeast Florida region, and a national educational thought leader, through investment in distinctive capabilities that will help each student reach his or her full potential.

Read Seek Boldly, the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan for Episcopal School of Jacksonville.

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