August 12 – Senior Athlete Banners and Group Photos

Fall Sport Senior Athletes and Parents,

Please save the date of Sunday, August 12 for Fall Sport Senior Banners and group photos. We will have the times available a couple days before as we need to wait for rosters to be finalized.

This year, there are two options available with respect to Senior Banners. Please carefully read the descriptions of these two options below, because there will not be an opportunity to place late orders or schedule makeup picture days.

  • First, senior athletes from the same varsity team will have a group photo taken. This picture will be made into a banner that will be displayed at its appropriate home venue at Episcopal. There will be no cost to have this picture taken. Each senior student may choose to order a group photo banner at a cost of $65, which will be billed to the student’s account. Orders must be made by August 12.
  • Second, senior athletes may choose to have an individual photo taken to be used in an individual banner that would be displayed at the appropriate home venue at Episcopal. Any athlete who sits for an individual photo on August 12 will incur a cost of $65 with the amount due charged to the student’s account.

Please consider whether you would like to order a team or individual banner and place your order on or before the August 12 deadline. This is not mandatory but rather optional: no student is required to order a banner.

If cost is an issue, please contact Marcus Wells, Director of Financial Aid and Student Transition, at [email protected].

On behalf of the Episcopal Boosters we look forward to a great year of Eagle Athletics!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. See you Sunday August 12!

Aronson Kagiliery
Episcopal Boosters
[email protected]