26th Ninth Grade Orientation Adventure Trip Returns

Campers, counselors and adults on the 26th annual ninth grade orientation adventure to Unicoi State Park enjoyed the sunshine and breezes in North Georgia last week. Just as in past years, students learned interesting facts about plants, animals and the environment; they did things that seemed a bit dangerous; they tried things that they had never done before; and they made new friends. However, there certainly were surprises. "Fallen trees made the five-mile hike more challenging than in previous years, and bears were occasionally spotted around the trails and at the food shelter," said Marion Zeiner, Director of Scientific Research and trip leader.

Fortunately, the trip was injury free and students came home with great stories about whitewater rafting, singing on the bus, and campfire skits. Determined and energetic faculty members took thousands of pictures on the trip, which will be posted on the school\'s Flickr account. Students in buses one and two were on the Gold Team, and students in buses three and four were on the Maroon Team.  In the upcoming weeks, students will be given some photos of themselves to take home. A video montage of the best 500 photos is being prepared and ninth graders will watch it together during a school day in November.