Parent Volunteers Start "Hands and Feet Ministry" to Help ESJ Families

Basing their mission on Galatians 6:2a to carry each other’s burdens, a group of ESJ parents decided to create a process that they hope may help streamline ways that ESJ families may receive help during a time of crisis.

A team of ESJ parent volunteers using their own financial resources, provide prepared and delivered meals to show love, encouragement and support to those families. Such families may include an ESJ parent who is suffering from the loss of a spouse, an ESJ student who is suffering from the loss of a parent of guardian, or either from serious illness or injury. Families are prayed for as well. Volunteers are solicited through Boosters, FANS and the Episcopal Parent’s Association.

If you know of a family who could benefit from the Hands and Feet Ministry, please contact Chaplain, Mother Teresa Seagle at [email protected].