Students Participate in Campus-Wide Health, Safety, and Well-Being Events

Episcopal held the first Health, Safety, and Well-Being extended advisory day on Thursday. The focus was self-care, and students participated in Zumba, art, guided meditation, yoga, field games, music, and nutrition exercises, among other activities.

“The goal of the event was to highlight the fact that self-care can take lots of different forms. We wanted to foster well-being by exploring new ways to help students learn about themselves, their choices, and their community. The event grew as community speakers joined our own faculty and staff, who volunteered to lead sessions and share their expertise. When a French teacher leads a Zumba class and a swim coach teaches you about food insecurity, students realize that we are all more than any one role we have – student, teacher, child, or friend. Taking care of ourselves means taking care of all of who we are, as individuals and as a community,” said Amy Perkins ’92, Director of Student Services.

The events were held during an extended morning advisory period. Each advisory attended two sessions at various locations around campus. Sessions also included relay charades, art studio time, a mental health talk in the Munnerlyn by Dr. Phillip Tran of Baptist Health, acro-yoga and music, and a presentation by Amanda Ranney of Fit Peace by Peace, who spoke on the importance of nutrition.

Watch the video:

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