School Climate Survey, Grades 8-12, October 22

Students in Grades 8-12 will be taking the National School Climate Center’s “Comprehensive School Climate Inventory” the week of October 22.

School climate refers to the quality and character of school life, which exists at the intersection of individual perceptions and the structure of the school environment. The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory survey (CSCI) is built upon several decades’ worth of research in the field of education. It will measure conditions for learning by asking students to voice their feedback about the school’s climate. The dimensions of the CSCI are measured as follows: Safety, Interpersonal Relationships, Teaching and Learning, and Institutional Environment.

The CSCI is designed to be a needs assessment for the school, and it will help to inform the direction of our Health, Safety, and Well-Being program. It will serve as a tool to evaluate the school’s strengths and areas for potential improvement, and it will provide a platform on which to build an action plan for improving the overall school climate.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and it will be completed online during an advisory period. The survey results are completely anonymous. Results are reported only in terms of the way groups of students have responded, such as gender or grade level. For more information, please visit