Annual Chemistry "Fudge-Off" Winners

Students in honors chemistry have just completed a unit on stoichiometry, the study of mass relationships in chemical reactions.  Culminating their study, students worked in groups of three or four during their class period to prepare the perfect fudge.  Students were instructed to follow the fudge recipe on the marshmallow creme jar, but they were permitted to add secret ingredients.  As they prepared their fudge, the students learned first-hand about the Law of Definite Proportions, limiting reactants and the pitfalls of using excess reactants.  Students looked forward to making the fudge all year.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners of the Honors Chemistry Fudge-off winners:

First Place — Creamy rich chocolate fudge with fabulous texture: Michael Mumford, Cole Nigro, Braden Witkovich

Second  Place — Rich traditional fudge with peppermint: Walker Hutto, Connor McGarity, Kieran Nicholson, Sophie Perrella

Third Place — Good taste and texture, nice presentation: Jack Adams, Sally Barksdale, Wilson Runnels, Ilana Simmons 

Fourth Place — Sweet and salty dark chocolate with white chocolate top layer: Jordan Harrow, Julia Kagiliery, Sophia Mantegari