Rebecca Hoadley Studies with Internationally Known Artist

Fine Arts instructor Rebecca Hoadley was able to spend the month of November studying with world-renowned full-time artist Felicia Forte. Hoadley was accepted for private instruction out of a pool of many applicants. Felicia has been shown nationally and internationally, including the BP Portrait Award in 2015 and now 2018 for which she is shortlisted for the grand prize. She has been featured in podcasts and publications, and is a highly sought-after teacher having taught at museums, schools, and privately all over the globe. In 2017 she was invited as resident and grant recipient to the “Redbull House of Art” project. Hoadley created multiple small paintings during her time with Felicia. Assignments including portraits, still lifes, and master copies. Each one exploring working with a different set of limitations. “It was an incredible opportunity and I am so thankful to the school for supporting this! I was able to create so many new projects and exercises for my classes. I currently have my students exploring the works of painter Anders Zorn, and practicing color theory, mixing acrylics with limited color palettes. I already see improvement in my students and my own paint application, brush technique, and mixing skills. These lessons with Felicia have been refreshing and enlightening!” Felicia’s works can be found at Ms. Hoadley’s paintings can be found at