ESJ Holds NJHS Induction Ceremony

Episcopal held an induction ceremony for National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) on Thursday, February 15, in the Munnerlyn Center.

ESJ NJHS officers include: Co-presidents–Andrew Velarde ’22 and Grace Burhyte ’22; Vice President–Katie McCawley ’22; Co-secretaries–Hannah Logullo ’22 and Amelia Haynes ’22; Treasurer–Mary Emma Cook ’22. Faculty members Jhan Shaaber and Brenda Vermillion serve as the NJHS advisors.

Acceptance into NJHS requires the following: students in grades 8 and 9 whose cumulative GPA is a 3.5 or higher in grades seven and eight (for eighth-grade students) and seventh, eighth, and ninth (for ninth-grade students) and who have attended Episcopal for one full semester are considered for membership. Candidates also are evaluated in terms of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. To maintain membership in NJHS, students are expected to uphold the standards of excellence that were used as the basis for their selection. Serious violation of school rules (discipline and/or honor infractions) and/or the law are grounds for dismissal based on the Constitution of the national organization.


Eighth Grade Students
Kathryn Louise Adams
Anneliese Patrice Alvarez-Stratton
Catelyn Bryce Anderson
Blair Elizabeth Baldwin
Ella Sophia Bisher
Avery Joseph Blalock
Hanna Elizabeth Brown
Kathleen Lovell Burhyte
Isabella Arie Buschini
Stephen Scott Busey
Cohen James Chesser
Lacy Ann Clausen
Mary Elizabeth Cofran
Thomas Coxe Commander
Caroline Morgan Connell
Franklin Maxwell Conner
Natalie Ferreira Do Amaral
Reese Hayden Edwards
Aubrey Anne Finn
James Joseph Fouts
Audrey Isabella Franken
Ainsley Marie Gray
Patrick William Hartigan
Benjamin Beaty Helton
Christina Grace Huie
Yasmine Khatib
Diego Matthew Knowles
Paul Clarence Lampley Sims
Colin Adetayo Largen
Emily Rose Leeper
Sophia Irene Lipari
Huber Lucien Matos-O’Neil
Alexander Burnet McLaurine
Charlotte Grace Nolan
Liam Anthony O’Neil
Tyler Robert Officer
Paxton Lloyd Parks
River Aaron Penland
Luke Thomas Peterson
Michael Arthur Poulos
Natalie Christine Rabil
Johnathan Edward Ramsey
Ella Grace Rhodin
Evelyn Olivia Ritch
Ryan Cannon Servis
Lillian Rene Shields
Chloe Elizabeth Simpson
Jake Donovan Steiger
Clara Yangmei Swett
Rohan Tandon
Caroline Elizabeth Taylor
Alison Grace Tippins
Brandon Michael Tremble
William Lucas Volen
Hailey Danielle Warwick
Katherine Joan Waryold
Nicholas Raja Wells
Olivia Frances Wells
Cynthia Anne Wyatt

Ninth Grade Students
Lilian Caroline Bodin
Anne Davis Case
Keegan Lakota Charles
Sofia Courtney Chepenik
Amy Michelle Coscia
Garrett Scott Daniel
Daniel David Ferber
Ava Elizabeth Freel
Parklyn Grace Garland
Abigail Rena House
Tabitha Dorcas Hung
Paige Mahal Montero
Gabriella Elise Parker
Hayden Charles Perry
Georgia Gayle Rankin
Alexander Michael Ravis
Ethan Michael Senesac
Nathan Mark Shad
Reilly Elisabeth Shapiro
Thomas Boyd Stanly
Lyman Gregory Starmer
Nathaniel John Thomas
Zoe Treese Tutor
Nicholas Mahlon Vitulli
Abigail Joy West