Students Visit U.S. Federal Courthouse

AP U.S. Government & Politics students visited the Bryan Simpson U.S. Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville on Wednesday last week to get an inside look at the process for citizenship and an increased understanding of the Department of Justice.

The students took a citizenship test and heard from an immigration officer on the process of becoming a citizen. In addition, they had a Q&A session with Judge Gerald Tjoflat, an Episcopal Founder and an integral part of the desegregation of schools in Jacksonville.

The class also saw a citizenship ceremony where Episcopal’s Jack Barksdale ’19 gave the invocation and benediction. Each new citizen stood up, said their name and country of origin – some of the most common countries were Iraq, Burma (Myanmar), and Cuba.

After the ceremony, the students ate lunch and listened to the U.S. Marshall discuss their role in the government & duties performed.

“We are incredibly grateful to Episcopal parent Judge Patricia Barksdale for setting up this amazing experience for our students!” said Emily Farmer, U.S. history instructor.